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Department of Ophthalmlogy

About the Deparment

  • Availability of Latest Operating Microscopes & advanced equipments.
  • Availability of all advanced equipments and instruments like Phako Unit, A-Scan, B- Scan, LASERs, HFA etc.
  • Topical Anaesthesia Phaco Surgery of Cataract.
  • Complete Diagnostic & Therapeutic set-up for Glaucoma Assessment & Treatment.
  • Cataract Surgery with foldable, multifocal lenses etc.
  • Special Unit for the Surgery of Paediatrics Cases of Cataract, Glaucoma etc.
  • Complete Treatment of Eye Cancer e.g. Retinoblastoma etc.
  • Complete management of Ptosis, Entropion etc.
  • Complete management of strabismus.
  • Facility of DCR Surgery.
  • 24x7 management of emergencies like injury to eye, PACG etc.